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Actual-play podcast using the Genesys Roleplaying Game set in a mythical version of Ancient Greece!

Company of Fools

May 30, 2019

Don Schlaich (he/him)

Game Master (Heroes of Hellas)

Don Schlaich is a daydreamer who took entirely too long to story actually start writing stories but had spent the last twenty years playing RPGs after starting a group with two other guys in the back of his Western Civilization class. Don runs the Heroes of Hellas campaign for the Fools and works in the graphic arts in his day job. Someday he hopes to be a professional author, but will probably remain a graphics arts professional because don’t quit your day job.


Dan Greer (he/him)

Producer / Altaire of Athens

Dan is the producer of the Luckless Fools Podcast, and a tabletop RPG veteran of over 30 years, having been introduced to D&D by his father when he was six and visiting Korea. Fast-forward to adulthood - he has played many more games, including: Vampire: The Masquerade, Pathfinder, FATE, Feng Shui, Edge of the Empire, Blades in the Dark, and most-recently, Genesys. He regrets not taking drama classes in high school or college, so has been strong-arming his current group into recording this actual-play podcast.


Andrew Kupin-Lisbin (he/him)

Berron of Heraklion

Mild mannered Andrew is a stay at home parent by day and Violinist by night, but, on occasional free weekends when the planets align, he transforms into a member of the Luckless Fools! He gains the power to speak into a microphone properly just often enough to avoid sending Dan into a frothing rage and can occasionally assemble in-character sentences that exceed 10 words!


Mab Shadowcrowned (she/her)

Alkippe, Daughter of Hephaestus

Mab Shadowcrowned is a long-time author/illustrator, webcomic artist, ARG puppetmaster, and roleplayer. Her tabletop experience is proof that if you wade through enough unmitigated disasters you will eventually find a good playgroup. Mab’s primary genre interests are horror, mystery, over-the-top fantasy and sci-fi, cyberpunk, 90s anime, animated musicals, and adding “-western” to the end of other genres. Visit her at


Amber Rose (she/her)

Euphemia, Seer of Stheno

Born in a small town in the middle of what she insists is an Enchanted Wood, Amber Rose has had a lifetime affinity for the strange and magical. Amber has been playing tabletop games for 9 years and has experienced many systems from Pathfinder to Genesys. A writer in her spare time, (with a WW1-style Fantasy in the works), she has an affinity for crossing tropes from one genre into another. She's outgoing and would love to tell you all about her interests which include: Video Games, Cyberpunk, Urban Fantasy, Westerns, and too many more to count.