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Actual-play podcast using the Genesys Roleplaying Game set in a mythical version of Ancient Greece!

Heroes of Hellas - Episode 10.5 (Recap!)

August 17, 2019

This needed to happen!

We are recording all episodes starting with Episode 11 in beautiful, 5-channel audio. This means that Dan (the producer, me) and Don (the GM) got together to do a detailed recap of the most important parts of the first story arc, which covers Episodes 1-10. Since those are not the best sounding recordings, you definitely can start here if you want to catch up with the tale of a gullible hero, a sharp-tongued scholar, a Gorgon seer, and an old man with a secret that could bring the gods themselves down.

The story takes place in an Ancient Greece of myth and legend, where the city-states recently banded together to defeat an invasion of Titan-worshiping Giants, with the aid of the Children of Prometheus - mortals who have mastered some degree of magic. In the war's aftermath, these former outcasts carved out niches for themselves in Hellenic society, and push Greece toward a Golden Age.

However, nearly everyone seems blind to the dangers still lurking in the shadows. Everyone except for the Heroes of Hellas.

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